I was initially excited for this Friday. We had planned to make a road trip to Des Moines to support  several of our favorite Metro Pro Wrestlers since we no longer have them here.
Unfortunately, with the start of the school year the money situation wasn’t ideal. I know whomever reads this may think ‘How is this my problem?’ and in a sense it isn’t. But the impact and implications are something you may wish to consider.
Every month my family spent anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 on tickets to see Metro Pro Wrestling. This money is part of the overall budget that pays for wrestlers, the ring upkeep, the rental of Turner Recreation Center and other businesses tied to putting on a MPW event. Because these associated businesses employ local people then this contributes to those business’ bottom line and helps them continue to do their business.
Then there’s the concession and we always stopped at the quik stop up the street for a soda while we communed in the parking lot with other fans. Before THAT we always made a night of MPW night by going out to eat somewhere as a family. We elevated this one night a month to a place above our nightly dinners at the kitchen table, giving it a place in memory for us and something to anticipate as a family. By doing so we also contributed to our local economy and by purchasing merchandise we also contributed to the viability of these wrestlers to continue their career.
We may be a drop in the bucket to the revenue of Metro Sports and Time Warner but drops in a bucket add up to a bucket….
Something to consider.

Good Evening,

This one is short and simple. I am going to miss Metro Pro Wrestling being on Metro Sports and even more the live events that taped once a month at Turner Recreation Center. I am already missing the fan interaction, the anticipation…the fun we had as a family, going and enjoying this sport.

I know there are other promotions in the general area and many of my favorite independent wrestlers visit those territories but it won’t be on my ‘home turf’ so to speak.

I think it’s a poor decision by Time Warner Cable and Metro Sports and I will not stop saying so even as I try to find ways to bring Metro Pro Wrestling back independently. Heck, if Veronica Mars can use kickstarter to fund a movie and bags of peanuts sent to a studio can get a cruddy show back on the air for a second year…There isn’t anything fans CAN’T do.

Enjoy your evening, thankfully I have a half day off tomorrow and the weather promises to be beautiful!


Good Morning!


I hate Wednesdays. Slogged through two days and after getting through today there are two more to go! Still, I’m employed with a great husband and an awesome daughter so it’s not really a bad gig.


Last night during my workout I was watching an older Metro Pro Wrestling episode circa mid 2012 during some campaigning to be commissioner of the promotion by two wrestlers/managers. It was sort of a parody of the current political process in place for the Presidential race of the United States. It was a topical storyline but at the same time it was bringing that very political process to the forefront. Reminding the fans, some who had keenly felt the effects of the recent recession, of the symbiotic relationship citizens have with their own government. That in a few weeks those same fans should be encouraged to make their voices heard. It brought to mind a quote:


Companies operating in urban communities have a tremendous ripple effect.
Michael Porter

Michael Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School. He is a leading authority on company strategy and the competitiveness of nations and regions. Michael Porter’s work is recognized in many governments, corporations and academic circles globally

Mr. Porter is a brilliant man and though many of his ventures involve companies operating on a global scale his point hits home for me. Metro Pro Wrestling worked with wrestlers mostly based in this Midwest. It brought revenue to Turner Recreation Center in an urban area, it brought family entertainment, involvement and interactions where there might not have been otherwise.


Metro Sports should continue to focus on the rewarding coverage that goes with qualifying for college sports even if these sports get nationwide coverage so really doesn’t need their support, encouraging high school athletes who (in theory) show athletic and academic excellence in order to qualify for their teams but it shouldn’t ignore the independent sports followed by adoring fans and people by dedicated workers, people who set up the ring, people who compete week after week partially because it’s part of their way of making a living but mostly due to their dedication to their sport.


So what a sad dismissive message being sent by Metro Sports in one of the urban communities it was having a positive effect upon…


Something to chew on for a Wednesday.


Thank you,



I don’t know what I’m going to do after you concede your mistake and give Metro Pro Wrestling their timeslot back…I kind of find myself enjoying my daily dissertations. But then most of us are egotistical in some sense or another.
Yesterday I discussed my overall dislike for WWE and their Pay-Per-Views and some of the differences between a local community inspiring promotion such as Metro Pro Wrestling and a bloated promotion such as the WWE.
Later in the evening I had Monday’s Raw in the background while I filled out school paperwork. Because of the room I was in youtube and Metro Pro’s channel were unavailable to me…plus I tend to get distracted watching them and I really needed to get this paperwork done!
Ironically, at least to me, Metro Pro Wrestling is a family show and conducts itself thusly. This doesn’t seem to deflate the feuds between the various wrestlers and stables and it doesn’t seem to hinder their interactions with the fans. In essence these wrestlers all know it’s a family show so they argue with each other and the fans with a decent bit of reasoning, insulting without swearing and still whipping the crowd into booing or cheering for them. WWE does not have this same impact. You sense how scripted and how carefully planned each bit and promo is nowadays.
Recently, WWE began attempting to add more heels or something like that and one of their bits is using Ryback, a wide bodied bruiser with some great technical skills, as a big brute.  But even knowing this is all performance the recent promo’s that show this character being for all intents and purposes an outright sadistic bully are painful and uncomfortable to watch, especially when those promo’s air then we go to commercial and it’s a WWE ‘Be A Star’ or anti-bullying campaign. I know it’s old and not everyone would get the reference but I find the storyline where George The Animal Steele had an inappropriate crush on Miss Elizabeth less shocking (and much more able to be viewed as ‘story’) than these current promo’s.
Metro Pro Wrestling doesn’t stoop that low. Yes, heels are heels and sometimes they say silly and overstated things about the crowd (Mr. Abernathy remarking on the financial state of the front row and Stevie Richards offering to help various members of the crowd come to mind. J) but I can’t help but feel that when an MPW wrestler ‘trades insults’ with a fan it’s usually the fan who drew attention to themselves first and we know when we do that we are going to get heckled in return, we don’t take offense and instead try to give as good as we get. There is a large difference between that interactive byplay than watching Ryback tower his 400 pound body over some intern in the back who currently has tuna salad glopping down one side of his head after being humiliated at the craft services table because he happened to grab the last bag of Dorito’s.
I know parents who will let their kids watch Metro Pro, even though they imitate Iceman’s dance moves, because it’s a less abrasive and more wholesome representation of the sport of Pro Wrestling than the trash on TV.
Something to think about now that you’ve cancelled their television slot…
Happy Tuesday!


I got a late start today. We had school stuff to do. But yesterday was the SummerSlam PPV. I don’t purchase WWE Pay-Per-Views and haven’t for years but I do follow pro wrestling, marginally, because it’s on TV and if I’m going to watch reality entertainment at least these guys have some skills.

That being said it highlights my differing opinions regarding ‘Pro’ wrestling put out by TNA and WWE and independent Pro Wrestling Promotions such as Metro Pro Wrestling. I have had the joy of making friends with some of these people on social media and despite knowing their characters, which are often partially based on themselves, giving them a stronger more honest feel, even the heels can be kind and the faces can have bad days. You won’t see this with the so-called pro circuits. They are more characters or parodies. But even during their feuds in the ring, these people put their bodies on the line each and every show and respect each other for their abilities to do so!

I never would have had the engaging experience both at ring side and in daily life as I have had because of Metro Pro. I love the feeling of connection and knowing that some of these people go through the same snow storms and ice storms and undying heat that I go through. I love knowing one of my favorite ‘heel’ wrestlers is promoting a gym he manages and finding also that he knows someone I work with and that connect would never have been made if it weren’t for Metro Pro Wrestling.

Having lost their television spot and thus their sponsors means that I don’t get to expand on that network here in Kansas City. I know I am not the only fan who’s made lasting friendships and had fantastic experiences at Metro Pro Shows that have colored their daily life so it is my continuing hope that you will reconsider.

Thank you,


Good Morning,

I love Sundays, they are the day of recuperation and rest in our home. We make no plans, we don’t cook (well I don’t count microwaving as cooking) and the only work we do is to prepare lunches and clothing for the next day.

Most times I haven’t done anything to strenuous the day before to need much real recuperation. But one weekend a month I did. I’d be hoarse, my arms would be sore and I’d still have this buzz from the night before that lifted my mood and energy for days.

That of course happened the Sunday following a Metro Pro Wrestling event.

Sadly, I no longer have this to look forward to. I don’t have the anticipation of going to the event, the guilty silly pleasure of seeing glimpses of myself, family and friends on television and the interplay and drama that goes with being up close and personal to such an electrifying show and displays of amazing athleticism.

And due to the impending cancellation of their television slot, I don’t even get to watch it on Saturday nights. Partly this is due to my boycott of the channel as a whole in protest. I do get to go back through youtube so I’m not entirely deprived but I will eventually be out of new shows coming up.
Please reconsider, if for no other reason, than my selfish joy of the entertainment it provided. I hope that by spring this KU thing will settle down and you’ll recognize that you can spare a small slice of television time, sponsorship and Chris’ efforts to bring back something loved by so many.
Thank you,
Good Afternoon,
It has now been one week since the announcement was made that Metro Pro Wrestling, due to the loss of it’s television slot and therefore it’s sponsorship, would have to go on an indefinite hiatus. I know that the announcement came as a shock to the crowd which appeared to be pretty close to capacity including members of the Kansas City Roller Warriors (Those ladies are scary!) and that by the end most of us had tears in our eyes if not openly running down our cheeks.
For the last week I have daily commented to you via e-mail about my thoughts on this and my hopes that this decision will be reconsidered in the near future. I have also been campaigning among other fans for MPW, including wrestlers, to comment to you about how much this promotion means to us and how much it will continue to mean to us. I still think you are doing the residents of KC and the fans of this great community and business a huge disservice by ignoring the monthly attendance support and the weekly viewership this brought to Metro Sports. Granted, the time slot limited the viewership slightly but it was still worth staying up late to watch or rushing home from the actual taping to try to catch the most recent episode at home and continue the buzz and joy you had just experienced live!
I believe that this promotion is a vital part of Kansas City, wrestling has been part of Kansas City in many forms for many years. For me, it’s been part of my life since I was a little kid.
I will continue to campaign for the return of Metro Pro Wrestling but when this promotion returns if Metro Sports does not reconsider their cancellation, I think they will rue the short sighted stance.
Thank you,


It’s Friday!
And here in KC it’s a fairly pleasant day so I hope you all get to go out and enjoy it.
I noticed something interesting last night. Since MetroSports decision to no longer support Metro Pro Wrestling and withdrawing the ONE HOUR a week they were on the air I have steadfastly refused to even click on the MetroSports channel (Actually MPW was the only thing I actually watched with the exception of high school games where friends kids were playing.) but in my channel guide I noticed Minor League Baseball for the evening. I wanted to see who was playing and found that this game was being played in OMAHA and none of the teams were from the KC area….
This sort of enraged me all over again. I’ve always heard Metro Sports was about sports in Kansas City and I can even forgive the inclusion of college sports such as KU and MU since this area is central to their fan base. Metro Pro Wrestling is home based and home grown with a dedicated fan base including both wrestlers and fans. I know several fans have acquired their own nick names based on their interactions with the wrestlers and I’ve watched wrestlers both before and after shows mingle within the crowd without being mobbed or being jerks. It’s an amazing feeling to feel like you are part of something as a member of the crowd even though I know my ticket money, concession money and butt in the seat wasn’t the biggest contribution I still felt PART of this in a way I’ve never felt when going to the so called ‘big event’s’ put on by WWE. That’s been a running theme in my e-mails, the interaction with fans and wrestlers and the warm fun community it’s created.
It’s going to be a pleasant weekend here in KC and a lot of kids are back in school or going back to school soon so it’ll be some of the last days of summer to enjoy.
Thanks for your time,

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Today I had the chance to listen to a podcast featuring a Metro Pro Wrestling fan regarding independent wrestling and specifically Metro Pro Wrestling. He expressed shock and sadness at the recent cancellation and echoed many of my own thoughts.

Turner Rec only holds about 300 fans, making the Metro Pro Wrestling product very involved with the fans. This is evidenced by some fans earning their own nicknames and relationship with various wrestlers. I’m sad that Metro Sports, supposedly representing Kansas City’s sports world, believes this does not fit their future programming but I hope that the fan support shows you the error of this decision.

I hope you have a good evening and look forward to continuing my support tomorrow.

Thank you,


Good Morning Metro Sports!

As you know it’s a rainy day here in KC and that fits my mood. Hearing of the cancellation of Metro Pro Wrestling’s time slot on Metro Sports makes me wonder if you and I have the same understanding of your channel name. You see I know college sports are on tons of other channels, ESPN etc. and I know you wanted to capitalize on that revenue stream. But when I hear Metro Sports, I think high school games and local independent events. Such as Metro Pro Wrestling! I understand it may not be the most profitable hour in your WEEK of programming but I would be very interested in seeing the numbers in comparison to other programs. Then again the time slot might have been a slight hitch to the viewership…Hm, something to think about. Even if it required a slight rise in ticket costs so you could bring on an additional staffer to help Chris keep the show running I have the feeling the fans would accept that.

Just so long as we get our monthly fix of mat pounding professional wrestling.

Thank you,

Sarah M. Newell

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