How I miss my Metro Pro! PLEASE tell me that with the inclusion in the new sanctioning body we will see them come back soon because nothing has stacked up to a Metro Pro event.
New signatures to add to the collection? Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Elvis Aligula (I will NEVER spell that right…) and Brian Breaker. Entered the raffle…And got the third place consolation prize. A “The Rock” school folder…*Cringe* Oh well it was all for the fun.
I do have some frustrations about what I see when I go to other promotions sometimes. Metro Pro Wrestling had a caliber that I have yet to see recreated in the general area (IE: less than a 3 hour drive…). I know that new wrestlers have to hone their craft in front of a live audience and while I can overlook the quick fixes when a hold doesn’t go right, a little bit of obvious ring direction etc…I can’t stand matches where the contenders have no personality especially if the match has no momentum. Some contestants have an awareness of each of their limbs, their facial expressions and their voice each moment they’re in the ring so they’re able to embody personality each second they’re in the ring, even in a basic headlock. THOSE wrestlers get remembered after the show when we’re driving home. Even WWE isn’t immune to this problem. Curtis Axel has great talent and maybe it’s been stifled so far on the mic and all and I think he’s definitely starting to evolve.

But this time, I am speaking specifically about the WLW event I went to this weekend. I will probably garble some names along the way but in some ways that reinforces my point. I LOVE WLW, let me get that said right out of the gate. Harley Race continues to provide an excellent place for up and coming wrestlers to test their skills, learn from professionals who have gone to the zenith of the sport, those who spent their career on the mid-card even though they had the talent to be superstars because they were so good at getting others over.

This isn’t  a play by play…I don’t think I could do that very well. The opener provided some good interactive drama between Ace Steele and Leland Race who were to compete later in the evening. Ace Steele mentored CM Punk at one point and you can definitely see his influence or possibly vice versa. A great talker and very aware of the crowd. He brought out his nephew…I don’t recall his first name but his last name was Cutler. Apparently he’s a young wrestler. He was a little stiff but you could definitely see the potential, not just the athletic potential but his persona as well. Leland got the win and was guaranteed to face Steele later in the night.

And here’s where it gets a bit murky. The following matches kind of blend together. This was the end of a training camp week so I know a lot of these guys have had a hard week and many of them may have been new to all of this. Some I’ve seen before and they’re still missing that ‘It’ factor needed to stick out. The tag team match was good. John Well/Webb (That is probably not the guys last name but all I can hear in my head is one very very vocal fan who kept calling out ‘Come on John’) was phenomenal…reminded me of a young Billy Kidman with just a touch of Raven in there for added edge. The ladies match wasn’t bad…but they went back and forth in the personality department.

The two matches that really vied for top spot are Elvis versus Brian Breaker for the WLW belt and Ace versus Leland Race. I personally believe the Elvis and Breaker match edges out the main event due to the consistent talent by both wrestlers. Breaker has the build of a power wrestler and enough speed and agility to not be doing just lock ups and Elvis is the perfect arrogant heel. Due to an untimely interruption I missed the actual last seconds of the match but I understand Elvis retained the belt.

And I’m going to come right out and say it: I am not necessarily a fan of Leland Race in the ring at this time.

He’s got athletic skill! He really does…But so far he is inconsistent with his momentum and his personality. No, I don’t expect another CM Punk or Dean Ambrose but at times he seems…too stiff to be likeable. Then, randomly he exhibits a speed and focus that just stuns you. Actually it reminds me of Goldust several years ago. I would be thrilled to see him make that kind of evolution. It’s also possible that he’s been paired with opponents I am predisposed to prefer due to previous exposure or other factors.

However, my summing of up Leland Race sort of sums up my feelings about the other promotions I’ve visited since Metro Pro went on hiatus. They have some great moments…and then there’s a serious dry spell. I’ve never experienced that at a MPW event…and I didn’t drive 3 hours for an event.