Happy Friday!
What a wringer of a week! I have always been an advocate for the causes that I love, which as you know, includes wrestling. 
Because this year is the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘I have a dream speech’ and the actual date, 8/28/13, passed just this week I had thought to incite the other MPW fans to protest, peacefully, for our cause. Granted, this weekends intense heat advisory did not work in our favor since we don’t want anyone, corporate executives included, to get heat stroke. I still haven’t given up on the idea either. If various groups can petition and protest for change why not fans of MPW?
Which lead me to consider my position and my dogged determination to continue this campaign. I will still continue to find sponsors to bring back Metro Pro Wrestling with or without any support from their original home of Metro Sports. I still think it can be accomplished too. But, groundswell efforts do take a bit more time than expected.
So when Metro Pro Wrestling comes back I wonder what your opinion will be then….of where it fits in your programming…
Enjoy the holiday weekend and please give to your local firemen raising money for MDA!