Hello Metro Sports!

So before now I have shared that my dad is the one that got me into professional wrestling as a kid. We would watch this syndicated stuff at about 11 on some weekend nights but then there was always a show Saturday mornings.  I know for a few years it was some AWA stuff but then most of it was NWA.

I kept trying to get my dad to join us for a Metro Pro event and he had planned to recently but his health interfered and unfortunately it was the same night that Chris announced that Metro Pro was going on ‘hiatus’. Crushed! I so wanted to return the favor!

Today my father suffered a work accident. Thankfully, it wasn’t as serious as it really could of been but he broke some bones etc. As I drove to the hospital but before I knew what kind of injuries we were really looking at my mind rolled through all the possibilities, then regrets. You know, the silly things like ‘I should have called him this weekend.’ to ‘Should I pick up some tea? (My dad is addicted to southern sweet tea and he gets cranky if there isn’t any sweet enough)’ and for as silly as it sounds…During a moment where I imagined the worst…I thought: I wish he’d have gone that night…I may not get to….

I stopped myself then because it was a bit dramatic and a bit silly. But it did highlight how much wrestling is woven into my childhood and my relationship with my parents. My mother, before she passed, was in love with John Cena, my brothers were already Rock fans…

I will find a way to bring MPW back…one way or another…with or without Metro Sports…Though with would sure make it happen more quickly.

What a long emotional day.