Good Afternoon!
I frequently read individual contributors to the Yahoo! Sports Network, one in particular who like me was a professional wrestling fan back in the days of the AWA and NWA. A recent article by him was in regards to how much current social media impacts professional wrestling. This refers to the occasional taping of some of their shows which air on television a couple of days after the live event.
Another point of pride for Metro Pro Wrestling is that most fans and wrestlers maintain the kafaybe illusion by not spilling the results ahead of when that match aired. This showed the dedication of the fans and everyone involved and that respect for the sport is unparalleled in most arena’s, cities, clubs and leagues. Having following the show without participating in social media for the most part (I really don’t like Facebook but have accepted its necessity. I still refuse to use Twitter.) at least until recently, I wasn’t aware of the lengths fans went to protect this show which was taped once a month then aired in 4 block segments. I had seen fans tell wrestlers that they’d had a great match but then I realized no-one was congratulating winners…until after the match had aired on Metro Sports! It wasn’t that they didn’t know the outcome they were willing to abide a while and not spoil it for the fans who hadn’t been able to attend the live event! Even the wrestlers didn’t brag until the show aired.
That’s a dedication to the sport, the drama, the wrestlers and the fans that most national promotions don’t have. I’ve actually seen this across several of the independent promotions in the Midwest but it has always been a point of pride when following Metro Pro Wrestling online and many of the wrestlers how well they protect the product.
I wonder if the same could be said of many other so called professionals.