There is a lot to be said for having a passion. In my case, that passion is professional wrestling even though I don’t keep up with the independent promotions on the East or West Coast as much as I could/should. I admit that part of the draw for me is the connection to the Kansas City area and to my childhood. I felt a resurgence of that with Metro Pro Wrestling and then to watch my ‘bored with life’ teenager get involved in the excitement of the crowd and the event itself.
I’ve made this point before but now with the start of school and the hassles of keeping a teen on task with homework etc. and the friction that causes I’m sadly reminded of what seems to be our last ‘argue-free’ night. That’s an exaggeration but the nostalgia is still my point. Like most families we’re busy, the husband is now working overtime due to the season so dinner time is a bit scattered, the kid is in school clubs and events and…But being able to set aside that one night a month was a great breather as a family. I know there will be times that we’ll be able to travel to other promotions off and on but it’s not a fixture in our lives unfortunately.
I’m sad to see that money and ‘brand’ are driving a poor decision that cuts out part of your viewing audience AND takes away such a great family event.
Onward to tomorrow!