Ah the Carpenters. I had a math teacher years ago who used to play nothing but the Carpenters during work time. Initially we all sort of rolled our eyes at the ‘old music’ but as the weeks went on we actually listened to the lyrics due to repetition. I look back now and see the varying degrees that some lyrics penetrated some students while others focused on other details. I would love to go back as an introspective and talk to those students and see what they remember. One moment sticks out vividly to me, it was near the end of the school year and the windows were open…And this particular song was playing and in an undertone, 90% of the students in that class murmured the chorus line…The teacher realized it just before the rest of us did and quit singing out of misguided self-consciousness. 
What we didn’t realize at the time, but that teacher did, was that we were united. Even though we had the entire strata of social classes the shared experience and enjoyment of those three cassette tapes, played day in and day out, had drawn us together as one fan base. I doubt a single one of us all these years later don’t sing snatches of The Carpenters in our head without realizing it or maybe dimly recognize it when we hear it tinned in elevator music.
Metro Pro Wrestling fans are similar. We go through our daily lives maybe never crossing paths. But one night a week we are tuned in to see these events that we saw live once again…And then there was the one night a month where we were PART of the show.
And don’t patronize me by saying ‘well you could go to other sports events’…No, not really because I am not a fan of most other sports. I admit, my focus in sports involves wrestling and that’s mostly it.
So it’s sad that you’ve taken that away from myself and many other fans.