Good Morning!
We’re stuck in a humid stretch as I’m sure you know which just makes outside activities exhausting! I don’t mind so much but I have to break things up into manageable bits to get it all done.
I have to respect people who continue to fulfill their duties to the end even though they know they’re sort of getting railroaded. Chris Gough is a great example. He loves Metro Pro Wrestling so much that he’s never taken a bitter tone, at least that I am aware of, over the decision by Metro Sports to cancel their timeslot. That says a great deal about the man and he continues to use the remaining air dates as a platform to promote the promotion knowing that it is going to have to take a short hiatus as we campaign for Metro Sports to rethink their decision and to also look at other ways to support this promotion which has such a valuable place in our lives.
It’s sort of ironic. Metro Pro has never had a cheating scandal (I mean fixing, not Adam Pearce using the ring bell…), a doping scandal, and thus far we haven’t had any headlines in the national papers - or even the local ones - decrying the performance or conduct of our wrestlers outside of the ring. Which in it’s own way works against us. See for as ‘evil’ as our heels can portray themselves, outside of the tights they are normal working people who love this sport and put their bodies on the line each and every event. And there isn’t a fan in the world who isn’t aware of the kafaybe curtain but we choose to uphold it, knowing the violence isn’t in the actual intention of the wrestlers but the fierce athleticism and control they use to sell the match. For a family event, a family sport and a great product built by Chris Gough and the wrestlers for Metro Pro it’s a blow to their honesty and integrity to be passed over for a school who’s sports teams have had such scandals as:
The KU Ticket Scandal which broke open in 2010 with federal indictments.
KU football player being arrested in connection with an armed robbery in May of 2013.
Another KU football player arrested for DUI in May of 2013. (Two different incidents, two different players.)
KU Basketball player indicted for possession then failure to appear at court.

Basketball player being arrested for criminal trespass and batter back in 2010. This particular player had multiple arrests for various things and including skipping court dates.
Going back to 2003 there is John Randle who had multiple arrests for domestic abuse, theft and possessing fake identification.
July 2012 35 federal indictments were released regarding a drug ring that included providing illegal substances to KU athletes.
Aggravated battery charges against Jose Rodriguez back in 2009.

I do not postulate that in each case KU or the athlete in question is guilty. I do question the focus on an athletics department that is determined to win and players who flout the law. These are just topical cases culled from local news sources. Imagine the dirt that could be found by scratching the surface.

So for that kind of taint hasn’t hit Metro Pro Wrestling…But they’re getting their one hour a week time slot pulled.

Huh. Imagine that.