Good Morning,
Fully two weeks have now passed since I sat in stunned silence to hear Chris Gough tell a pretty packed house that the last taping of Metro Pro Wrestling was happened…That night. That despite all of the fun, all of the support, all of the wrestlers and all of the fans Metro Sports/Time Warner had decided the show no longer fit their paradigm.
I sit here thinking on that reason, knowing that what they’re saying is that wrestling fans are too ‘low brow’ perhaps to fit the new slick image Metro Sports/TWC is looking to portray as part of their new deal with KU and can’t help but feel a little offended by this. Maybe we’re not paying thousands for a sky box at some stadium filled with die-hard Green Bay Packers fans or whomever you like but that doesn’t make us ‘lesser’ as fans. Out of some 168 hours of programming by removing the one hour devoted to this locally based and locally owned promotion is similar to saying wrestling fans aren’t GOOD ENOUGH to be involved with Metro Sports. I use that phrasing because outside of Metro Pro Wrestling I never watched Metro Sports so it was integral to adding one more viewer number to your channel. Three if you include the hubby and the kidlet who often watched with me.
And this is the day I’d have purchased my tickets for the next event. I don’t have that to look forward to either.
Sadly and sincerely,