Well my dad did it again. He managed to get his head busted open last year when some drunks thought he was trying to horn in on a fight currently going on. Three out of the five of us in my family were involved in the ensuing scuffle, myself included..Almost six as Poppabear was there, he just couldn’t get to our side in time. In the end a broken pool cue, 15 stitches, on ambulance ride and a very very long night passed with no more than serious repercussions.

Oh yeah! Except for the stitches and bruises and concussion.
Since about 2009 I have cyclically spent most weekends with my dad and Dawn, drinking often too much and sometimes finding trouble. In reflection now I cringe in shame…But that got me thinking…

Why did I do it? Why does ANYONE do it knowing how much an arse they make of themselves?

I know all the usual reasons, alcohol is addicting, people don’t remember (Hey, you might not remember but trust me, someone around you is going to.) and several other excuses but I think it all relates to the adage that even bad press is still press and we all like attention.

There are a few other things I think feed into it, that some people act on things they normally wouldn’t and they find that freeing, especially since they can say it was ‘all because of the alcohol’.

Did I grow out of it? Kind of.