This is not a shameless plug…this is an explanation about how funny the world is…

For years now this blog has been included in my e-mail signature and other things but it hasn’t had new readers in a long time…or updates…until now.

There is a reason!

As anyone who knows from the previous posts there was a lot of …distractions…in my life. (There are a ton half finished posts in my drafts. More of those to come)
Then about a year ago my hero, Zeus, whom most people refer to as Adama…or Edward James Olmos….was going to be here…at a comic convention….HERE! So of course we went, taking along a friend and the kidlet. This led to two encounters with two very tall people that led to an exodus into their podcast territory comprised of a trio.

Now someone new knows about the blog *gasp*…Time to do some updates! The good news is that anyone who’s read it before will start finding new posts….