I don’t want the perfect life, that would be boring.

But I do wonder what karmic god or entity I’ve gone and pissed off so I can send a fruit bouquet in apology, and a pretty little card telling them where to stick it.

Poppabear and I bought a house 2 years ago, it wasn’t the best house, we knew that.

Within the first 6 months, we found the roof leaked, several windows leaked, the basement leaked….

We fixed the roof, finally, even with Poppa still looking for work, replaced a few of the windows, and are still fighting with the basement.  Recently it began raining from the pipes, not just seeping from the walls, so we had my brother redo our entire indoor plumbing, which sounds expensive but it’s the labor that’s expensive and when it’s your out of work little brother, you can get the labour pretty cheap, the parts ran up about $200.

It’s still raining.

So we had to pay a ‘real’ plumber, because my brother just doesn’t have access to some of the fancier tools, to come out and snake the main drain, which appears to be clogged with roots.  The plumber was nice enough to charge us a nominal fee, and suggested a chemical method of fixing this, that I would never have attempted with the old plumbing, that we hope will fix the problem without us having to dig up most of our front yard and finding out where the pesky roots are and having to replace the entire pipe.

That’s all bad enough but it just keeps rolling in.

(I think this clog in the drain is some kind of cosmic comics metaphor for my life)

Dad’s been laid off as well, his son the plumber has been laid off, now unemployment is denied to dad because of a Vacation check he earned through his union that’s paid 2 times a year… so obviously this means he doesn’t need any way to support himself.

His union won’t let him have his benefits, insurance and the like, because dad only has the hospitals birth certificate not the ‘official one’….

Which takes 14 weeks to get from the state dad was born in.

Dad’s getting kicked out of his house, because the person he rents from has found a buyer, which wouldn’t be such a big deal except he’s painfully broke.

My brother in prison has no more phone minutes, or money in his account for items from the commisserary…and none of us can send him any.

My job is in jeopardy, not because of anything I’ve done but just because the market is what it is.  I don’t know what will happen then but if I do end up losing this job we’ll probably have to consider Poppa bear taking on 2 minimum wage jobs in order to make ends meet, because he’ll earn better wages at those jobs than I would and I’m better situated to manage the house and keep things together for him while he works than if I were to be the one doing it.  It’s just how we are.

I know out there there are people with lives much worse than mine, people who’ve already lost their homes, jobs, loved ones…So I’m not mired in self pity…Just dipping my big toe into the pity pool.


Anyone got a floatie and a margarita?