I had avoided wrestling Pay-Per-Views for the most part, preferring to spend my hard-earned money on travel and tickets to local promotions. This trend ended in November of 2013 after a 7 hour drive that was interrupted by two hours of wrestling that somewhat dimmed my excitement.

I’ve aired my complaints about some independent shows before so I won’t retread that…I retract that. I won’t go into in-depth details. I love seeing career wrestlers who still love their craft. I don’t mind seeing stars in their second run and any change in appearance that time has granted is overshadowed often by my awe of these people. But at the same time there are performers that have lost some of the fun that goes with their job, be it as a heel or a babyface. That goes for technique and persona though I can be forgiving if someone has more of one than the other if the deficit isn’t TOO big. Don’t be a sloppy wrestler and have no personality but don’t think that a lot of jawing and posturing makes up for sloppy or dangerous technique.

At each show I’ve seen some standout performers that have the total package. Jimmy Rockwell, Brian Breaker, Elvis Aligula are all great examples of people who I’ve only seen once, out of town and thoroughly enjoyed. On the home front I saw not only Stevie Richards, Adam Pearce and Ace Steel, all of whom have had nationally known careers with ‘the big promotions’ as well as runs at the local promotion of Metro Pro Wrestling, but also those that run on the independent circuits such as The Iceman, Showtime Bradley Charles, The King Brothers, Skylar Pierce and Mark Sterling (The Kansas City Killers), Jeremy Wyatt, Magic Man, Ms. Natural, Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy and Gary Jay but many others.

Last night was the Royal Rumble and is probably the 2nd of the PPV’s I’ve ordered over the last sixth months. It’s a compromise between me and the Poppa Bear during the winter months when he is often working overtime during the week and isn’t up for traveling. The kickoff was The New Age Outlaws against the Rhodes Brothers. Goldust has come back as a strong performer and his speed and technique have been blowing me away! Coupled with his brother they make a great team that can run the ring for 30 minutes without pause. I realize that technically Goldust is sort of in-between Cody and the Outlaws in terms of era’s and the Outlaws are in fantastic shape…But even if it was time for a belt change it shouldn’t have been to a team that last had the belt 14 years ago. Kudo’s for the record boys but instead they should have continued featuring the newer teams to build up the tag-team competition which had already really been coming out strong!

Daniel Bryan versus Bray Wyatt - This was a great match overall. Do I wish Bryan had come out on top? Sure. Disappointed in the match? Nope.

The Big Show versus Brock Lesnar - Meh. This feud seemed a little iffy as if creative kind of hit a dead end on The Big Show versus the Authority and didn’t know how to unpaint themselves from the corner. Big Show and Kane would have made more sense to me all things considered. The brutality of Lesnar, even though he’s known for being ruthless, seemed excessive and poorly planned.

Randy Orton versus John Cena - I’m not a Cena fan but this match wasn’t bad. The knockout to Charles Robinson and the subsequent count out wasn’t bad. I love that all the players in this match were willing to sell each bump and really worked well together.

Then comes the Royal Rumble match. If this had been on Old School RAW! or some other commemorative type event I think the entrance of some of these participants would have made more sense. Up till entry 13 it was going about as expected and was very excited.

Then there was Kevin Fucking Nash (Excuse the expletive but that’s exactly what I said. Diesel has been an idol of mine for ages. I’m only 5ft tall so his height alone is awe-inspiring among all the other reasons I like him.) I could have thought this was just some kind of out of body experience but there he was in all his sexy glory. El Torito was an entertaining addition and I am often amazed at what that man can do. Then we get to JBL, who is a remarkable wrestler and analyst, and it starts to get…silly.

We come to the last four men in the ring…then the last two and I am completely invested. The move that eliminated Roman Reigns was well done. But Batista didn’t need to win…he didn’t need the push. He’s over with just about everyone he’s going to get over with and as a former member of Evolution I think he would have been better off to play the Triple H role in creating a new, similar, stable.

I know every promotion has favorites and sometimes the show suffers for that but in Metro Pro Wrestling whether you were in the business for a year or ten, everyone seemed to get the chance to be part of the roster with full due rather than a half-assed promotion followed by being smacked down (Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston anyone?) once you started to gain traction. (Let’s not forget Daniel Bryan…Though in his case he’s too over for WWE to completely quash.) With Metro Pro I felt that the talent had to first show they COULD perform but after that they were given the chance to perform and sure the jewelery matters but everyone can’t have a belt at the same time and in order to really keep the talent fresh you have to be willing to rotate it.

I still believe there is room and revenue for Metro Pro Wrestling to return to Kansas City and be a viable business. I think the fans can help be the driving force and have even considered promoting a Kickstart or Fundme type drive to try to raise enough to get another 6 months of true quality shows and wrestlers rather than paying for the WWE Network or travel and tickets to a sub-par show.

Anyone else think the idea has merit….? :)