August 2013

Happy Friday!
What a wringer of a week! I have always been an advocate for the causes that I love, which as you know, includes wrestling. 
Because this year is the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘I have a dream speech’ and the actual date, 8/28/13, passed just this week I had thought to incite the other MPW fans to protest, peacefully, for our cause. Granted, this weekends intense heat advisory did not work in our favor since we don’t want anyone, corporate executives included, to get heat stroke. I still haven’t given up on the idea either. If various groups can petition and protest for change why not fans of MPW?
Which lead me to consider my position and my dogged determination to continue this campaign. I will still continue to find sponsors to bring back Metro Pro Wrestling with or without any support from their original home of Metro Sports. I still think it can be accomplished too. But, groundswell efforts do take a bit more time than expected.
So when Metro Pro Wrestling comes back I wonder what your opinion will be then….of where it fits in your programming…
Enjoy the holiday weekend and please give to your local firemen raising money for MDA!


Hello Metro Sports!

So before now I have shared that my dad is the one that got me into professional wrestling as a kid. We would watch this syndicated stuff at about 11 on some weekend nights but then there was always a show Saturday mornings.  I know for a few years it was some AWA stuff but then most of it was NWA.

I kept trying to get my dad to join us for a Metro Pro event and he had planned to recently but his health interfered and unfortunately it was the same night that Chris announced that Metro Pro was going on ‘hiatus’. Crushed! I so wanted to return the favor!

Today my father suffered a work accident. Thankfully, it wasn’t as serious as it really could of been but he broke some bones etc. As I drove to the hospital but before I knew what kind of injuries we were really looking at my mind rolled through all the possibilities, then regrets. You know, the silly things like ‘I should have called him this weekend.’ to ‘Should I pick up some tea? (My dad is addicted to southern sweet tea and he gets cranky if there isn’t any sweet enough)’ and for as silly as it sounds…During a moment where I imagined the worst…I thought: I wish he’d have gone that night…I may not get to….

I stopped myself then because it was a bit dramatic and a bit silly. But it did highlight how much wrestling is woven into my childhood and my relationship with my parents. My mother, before she passed, was in love with John Cena, my brothers were already Rock fans…

I will find a way to bring MPW back…one way or another…with or without Metro Sports…Though with would sure make it happen more quickly.

What a long emotional day.



Good Afternoon!
I frequently read individual contributors to the Yahoo! Sports Network, one in particular who like me was a professional wrestling fan back in the days of the AWA and NWA. A recent article by him was in regards to how much current social media impacts professional wrestling. This refers to the occasional taping of some of their shows which air on television a couple of days after the live event.
Another point of pride for Metro Pro Wrestling is that most fans and wrestlers maintain the kafaybe illusion by not spilling the results ahead of when that match aired. This showed the dedication of the fans and everyone involved and that respect for the sport is unparalleled in most arena’s, cities, clubs and leagues. Having following the show without participating in social media for the most part (I really don’t like Facebook but have accepted its necessity. I still refuse to use Twitter.) at least until recently, I wasn’t aware of the lengths fans went to protect this show which was taped once a month then aired in 4 block segments. I had seen fans tell wrestlers that they’d had a great match but then I realized no-one was congratulating winners…until after the match had aired on Metro Sports! It wasn’t that they didn’t know the outcome they were willing to abide a while and not spoil it for the fans who hadn’t been able to attend the live event! Even the wrestlers didn’t brag until the show aired.
That’s a dedication to the sport, the drama, the wrestlers and the fans that most national promotions don’t have. I’ve actually seen this across several of the independent promotions in the Midwest but it has always been a point of pride when following Metro Pro Wrestling online and many of the wrestlers how well they protect the product.
I wonder if the same could be said of many other so called professionals.


There is a lot to be said for having a passion. In my case, that passion is professional wrestling even though I don’t keep up with the independent promotions on the East or West Coast as much as I could/should. I admit that part of the draw for me is the connection to the Kansas City area and to my childhood. I felt a resurgence of that with Metro Pro Wrestling and then to watch my ‘bored with life’ teenager get involved in the excitement of the crowd and the event itself.
I’ve made this point before but now with the start of school and the hassles of keeping a teen on task with homework etc. and the friction that causes I’m sadly reminded of what seems to be our last ‘argue-free’ night. That’s an exaggeration but the nostalgia is still my point. Like most families we’re busy, the husband is now working overtime due to the season so dinner time is a bit scattered, the kid is in school clubs and events and…But being able to set aside that one night a month was a great breather as a family. I know there will be times that we’ll be able to travel to other promotions off and on but it’s not a fixture in our lives unfortunately.
I’m sad to see that money and ‘brand’ are driving a poor decision that cuts out part of your viewing audience AND takes away such a great family event.
Onward to tomorrow!
Ah the Carpenters. I had a math teacher years ago who used to play nothing but the Carpenters during work time. Initially we all sort of rolled our eyes at the ‘old music’ but as the weeks went on we actually listened to the lyrics due to repetition. I look back now and see the varying degrees that some lyrics penetrated some students while others focused on other details. I would love to go back as an introspective and talk to those students and see what they remember. One moment sticks out vividly to me, it was near the end of the school year and the windows were open…And this particular song was playing and in an undertone, 90% of the students in that class murmured the chorus line…The teacher realized it just before the rest of us did and quit singing out of misguided self-consciousness. 
What we didn’t realize at the time, but that teacher did, was that we were united. Even though we had the entire strata of social classes the shared experience and enjoyment of those three cassette tapes, played day in and day out, had drawn us together as one fan base. I doubt a single one of us all these years later don’t sing snatches of The Carpenters in our head without realizing it or maybe dimly recognize it when we hear it tinned in elevator music.
Metro Pro Wrestling fans are similar. We go through our daily lives maybe never crossing paths. But one night a week we are tuned in to see these events that we saw live once again…And then there was the one night a month where we were PART of the show.
And don’t patronize me by saying ‘well you could go to other sports events’…No, not really because I am not a fan of most other sports. I admit, my focus in sports involves wrestling and that’s mostly it.
So it’s sad that you’ve taken that away from myself and many other fans.


Good Morning!
We’re stuck in a humid stretch as I’m sure you know which just makes outside activities exhausting! I don’t mind so much but I have to break things up into manageable bits to get it all done.
I have to respect people who continue to fulfill their duties to the end even though they know they’re sort of getting railroaded. Chris Gough is a great example. He loves Metro Pro Wrestling so much that he’s never taken a bitter tone, at least that I am aware of, over the decision by Metro Sports to cancel their timeslot. That says a great deal about the man and he continues to use the remaining air dates as a platform to promote the promotion knowing that it is going to have to take a short hiatus as we campaign for Metro Sports to rethink their decision and to also look at other ways to support this promotion which has such a valuable place in our lives.
It’s sort of ironic. Metro Pro has never had a cheating scandal (I mean fixing, not Adam Pearce using the ring bell…), a doping scandal, and thus far we haven’t had any headlines in the national papers - or even the local ones - decrying the performance or conduct of our wrestlers outside of the ring. Which in it’s own way works against us. See for as ‘evil’ as our heels can portray themselves, outside of the tights they are normal working people who love this sport and put their bodies on the line each and every event. And there isn’t a fan in the world who isn’t aware of the kafaybe curtain but we choose to uphold it, knowing the violence isn’t in the actual intention of the wrestlers but the fierce athleticism and control they use to sell the match. For a family event, a family sport and a great product built by Chris Gough and the wrestlers for Metro Pro it’s a blow to their honesty and integrity to be passed over for a school who’s sports teams have had such scandals as:
The KU Ticket Scandal which broke open in 2010 with federal indictments.
KU football player being arrested in connection with an armed robbery in May of 2013.
Another KU football player arrested for DUI in May of 2013. (Two different incidents, two different players.)
KU Basketball player indicted for possession then failure to appear at court.

Basketball player being arrested for criminal trespass and batter back in 2010. This particular player had multiple arrests for various things and including skipping court dates.
Going back to 2003 there is John Randle who had multiple arrests for domestic abuse, theft and possessing fake identification.
July 2012 35 federal indictments were released regarding a drug ring that included providing illegal substances to KU athletes.
Aggravated battery charges against Jose Rodriguez back in 2009.

I do not postulate that in each case KU or the athlete in question is guilty. I do question the focus on an athletics department that is determined to win and players who flout the law. These are just topical cases culled from local news sources. Imagine the dirt that could be found by scratching the surface.

So for that kind of taint hasn’t hit Metro Pro Wrestling…But they’re getting their one hour a week time slot pulled.

Huh. Imagine that.


Good Morning,
Fully two weeks have now passed since I sat in stunned silence to hear Chris Gough tell a pretty packed house that the last taping of Metro Pro Wrestling was happened…That night. That despite all of the fun, all of the support, all of the wrestlers and all of the fans Metro Sports/Time Warner had decided the show no longer fit their paradigm.
I sit here thinking on that reason, knowing that what they’re saying is that wrestling fans are too ‘low brow’ perhaps to fit the new slick image Metro Sports/TWC is looking to portray as part of their new deal with KU and can’t help but feel a little offended by this. Maybe we’re not paying thousands for a sky box at some stadium filled with die-hard Green Bay Packers fans or whomever you like but that doesn’t make us ‘lesser’ as fans. Out of some 168 hours of programming by removing the one hour devoted to this locally based and locally owned promotion is similar to saying wrestling fans aren’t GOOD ENOUGH to be involved with Metro Sports. I use that phrasing because outside of Metro Pro Wrestling I never watched Metro Sports so it was integral to adding one more viewer number to your channel. Three if you include the hubby and the kidlet who often watched with me.
And this is the day I’d have purchased my tickets for the next event. I don’t have that to look forward to either.
Sadly and sincerely,


I was initially excited for this Friday. We had planned to make a road trip to Des Moines to support  several of our favorite Metro Pro Wrestlers since we no longer have them here.
Unfortunately, with the start of the school year the money situation wasn’t ideal. I know whomever reads this may think ‘How is this my problem?’ and in a sense it isn’t. But the impact and implications are something you may wish to consider.
Every month my family spent anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 on tickets to see Metro Pro Wrestling. This money is part of the overall budget that pays for wrestlers, the ring upkeep, the rental of Turner Recreation Center and other businesses tied to putting on a MPW event. Because these associated businesses employ local people then this contributes to those business’ bottom line and helps them continue to do their business.
Then there’s the concession and we always stopped at the quik stop up the street for a soda while we communed in the parking lot with other fans. Before THAT we always made a night of MPW night by going out to eat somewhere as a family. We elevated this one night a month to a place above our nightly dinners at the kitchen table, giving it a place in memory for us and something to anticipate as a family. By doing so we also contributed to our local economy and by purchasing merchandise we also contributed to the viability of these wrestlers to continue their career.
We may be a drop in the bucket to the revenue of Metro Sports and Time Warner but drops in a bucket add up to a bucket….
Something to consider.

Good Evening,

This one is short and simple. I am going to miss Metro Pro Wrestling being on Metro Sports and even more the live events that taped once a month at Turner Recreation Center. I am already missing the fan interaction, the anticipation…the fun we had as a family, going and enjoying this sport.

I know there are other promotions in the general area and many of my favorite independent wrestlers visit those territories but it won’t be on my ‘home turf’ so to speak.

I think it’s a poor decision by Time Warner Cable and Metro Sports and I will not stop saying so even as I try to find ways to bring Metro Pro Wrestling back independently. Heck, if Veronica Mars can use kickstarter to fund a movie and bags of peanuts sent to a studio can get a cruddy show back on the air for a second year…There isn’t anything fans CAN’T do.

Enjoy your evening, thankfully I have a half day off tomorrow and the weather promises to be beautiful!


Good Morning!


I hate Wednesdays. Slogged through two days and after getting through today there are two more to go! Still, I’m employed with a great husband and an awesome daughter so it’s not really a bad gig.


Last night during my workout I was watching an older Metro Pro Wrestling episode circa mid 2012 during some campaigning to be commissioner of the promotion by two wrestlers/managers. It was sort of a parody of the current political process in place for the Presidential race of the United States. It was a topical storyline but at the same time it was bringing that very political process to the forefront. Reminding the fans, some who had keenly felt the effects of the recent recession, of the symbiotic relationship citizens have with their own government. That in a few weeks those same fans should be encouraged to make their voices heard. It brought to mind a quote:


Companies operating in urban communities have a tremendous ripple effect.
Michael Porter

Michael Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School. He is a leading authority on company strategy and the competitiveness of nations and regions. Michael Porter’s work is recognized in many governments, corporations and academic circles globally

Mr. Porter is a brilliant man and though many of his ventures involve companies operating on a global scale his point hits home for me. Metro Pro Wrestling worked with wrestlers mostly based in this Midwest. It brought revenue to Turner Recreation Center in an urban area, it brought family entertainment, involvement and interactions where there might not have been otherwise.


Metro Sports should continue to focus on the rewarding coverage that goes with qualifying for college sports even if these sports get nationwide coverage so really doesn’t need their support, encouraging high school athletes who (in theory) show athletic and academic excellence in order to qualify for their teams but it shouldn’t ignore the independent sports followed by adoring fans and people by dedicated workers, people who set up the ring, people who compete week after week partially because it’s part of their way of making a living but mostly due to their dedication to their sport.


So what a sad dismissive message being sent by Metro Sports in one of the urban communities it was having a positive effect upon…


Something to chew on for a Wednesday.


Thank you,



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