I have frequently mentioned my penchant for the awards show season, culminating in The Academy Awards (Oh right, sorry ‘The Oscars’) with a rich meal to go with my narcissistic and shallow fascination with the world of entertainment. This year Poppabear created his world famous meatloaf and garlic smashed potatoes leaving me to enjoy the show from the red carpet to the …Well until my local station cut away to news and skipped the final segment.

I am a huge fan of Billy Crystal and of Anne Hathaway though I do think pairing her with Franco was a misstep of grave importance. James Franco is a decent actor but a host…not that I can see. I was excited to see Seth McFarlane host the show, I’m in the general target demographic for his work and I also agree with his comedic ethos. Our society has gone so far to the extremes in political awareness and correctedness that we are now penalizing a majority of our own population for their sense of humor! I have found a few of his bits distasteful, based on my personal thoughts but that doesn’t stop me from realizing the joke is just that, a joke. Tasteless? Maybe. Should be banned, fined or denigrated in the court of public opinion just because *I* don’t find it funny?


I know ‘mammy jokes’ and caricatures of black face are considered racist and reprehensible but so does clipped robotic mocking speech patterns used by many African American comics to imitate suburbanite Caucasians for the sake of humor. Why be offended? Most of these jokes have a grain of truth and reflect many things, fear or lack of understanding about a situation or in some cases a close and personal understanding of a situation that exemplifies whatever stereotype that is being used in the joke.

Men aren’t all dumb neanderthals and women are not all helpless ninny’s but there isn’t a woman out there, especially married, who hasn’t alluded to her husband being a barbarian for his flatulent humor and there isn’t a man out there, likewise usually married, who hasn’t imitated their wife’s high pitched nitpicking over their fast food choices. Both are parody and exaggerated but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t true or that they define a demographic as a whole.

No, I don’t advocate hate motivated displays such as lynchings of mannequins. That’s not humor that’s meant to inspire fear. But uncle Ruckus on the Boondocks’? The episode regarding the alternative history of Martin Luther King Jr.? Brilliant!

I thought the ‘We saw your boobs’ done by the Gay Men’s Choir hilarious. As supposedly homosexuals, women should find it difficult to be offended. The singers are not objectifying women and the song was TRUE in various movies and shows we have seen all or most of these women’s breasts. He just made it funny.

Get over yourself people.