January 2013

Poppabear keeps up with some nerdy pursuits on a site called The Escapist (www.theescapistmagazine.com ) which includes some great personalities including Movie Bob but so far my favorite is a man named Jim who does “The Jimquisition”. A recent segment discussed the effect video games have including the idea that they foster loneliness. This brought up several thoughts since I watched it a few days ago, including the persistent question: At what point does wanting to do things on your own become ‘wrong’? I have pondered this question many times in the last few years. A few years ago I started spending a lot of time with my dad which included a lot of time at The Bar. This meant a lot of socialization. I was also something of a social butterfly in high school as part of being on the college fast track. In the midst of both times in my life I remember a lot of fun moments so I’m not going to posit that I was hiding my true self or any such drivel.

But about a year and a half ago I chose to stop drinking the way I had been, chose to spend less time in unsavory places and by proxy greatly reduced my time spent in social situations. This included less time with Dawn, Dad and several other people and I thought I would miss all of this hustle and bustle.

I didn’t.

I have come to recognize that I am by and large anti-social. Now before you start trying to track me down so the white van with the burly guys that want to give me the latest fashion in the lobotomy line can come get me hear me out. I am not saying I hate humanity and have any intention of damaging large populaces or have some hidden hatred and desire for revenge on the nearest Krispykreme. (My thighs on the other hand, resent my hands for lifting the delicious greasy treats to my lips *insert Homer Simpson groan*)  I simply do not like being around people. I’m not afraid of people, though crowds do give me pause, at 5ft tall all I see are asses and elbows and yes the idea of getting caught in a crush and not knowing why does make me a little nervous. I simply don’t like them in general. I know I am not a pleasant person myself, I’m shrewish and judgemental, but it does seem to me that there is a lack of personal accountability and pride in most of the herd.

Case in point: I recently received a call to come in for a potential job screening in a sales position with a national company and the recruiter felt the need to inform me that their business is conducted with a dress code of business professional and denim fabrics, clothing with slogans, t-shirts, flipflops, active wear (yoga pants, sweat pants) and tank tops or sleeveless shirts would not be looked at favorably during the interview process. I could only choke on a laugh as she went through this list! Even in my fast food days I never would have asked for an application much less shown up for an interview with any of the above mentioned items on my person!

Dress code aside, it just exemplified this personal opinion that I have about people in general. I can’t stand small children, usually because their parents don’t enforce any kind of manners or discipline and usually have none themselves. Poppabear often likens me to Red from That 70’s Show or Walter of the Jeff Dunham entourage and he’s absolutely correct. I like specific persons but not people in general.

This is one of the reasons my Saturdays are often spent happily by myself or sometimes in the company of my gaming group, watching what I want to watch and not worrying that my switching up shows or games is going to bother anyone else. It’s a selfish point of view too so don’t expect me to say it’s not. But is it wrong? Does it make me a bad person or insane? The usually touted definition of insanity is repeating an action and expecting different outcomes so I tend to think of my drinking years as the definition of insanity. Each drink had the exact same effect that the one before it in a hazy progression that ended in a blank period and the payback of the next day. Now though, I enjoy the anticipation of knowing that after dinner Poppabear is going to go to the Lair and enjoy table top gaming or painting miniatures and I will get to wallow in whatever my mood is, be it musicals or sit-coms.

I am social however, I have friends at work to lunch with, I spend time with my mother-in-law or my auntie, both pleasurable pursuits. Every other week I go visit my little brother and dad to watch NCIS. So I am not socially deprived or walled off. I’m just anti-social. And in the wake of the multiple public attacks made by people who, in my personal opinion, are even more selfish than I am and I resent the idea of being lumped in with them by the simple word of insane.

I enjoy the solitude of my truck on the way home, with or without the radio, those rare times when the house is all mine and even the occassional tug of sadness that comes from contemplation that in the near future the baby bear will be off on her own and no longer sleeping safe and sound under my roof. But I don’t see this as being LONELY. I feel fairly secure in my own mind and usually emotionally stable. Stuff happens and mini swings of despair, frustration and anger are normal but I don’t feel any driving need to go join a club to socialize with other like minded peoples. Because like minded peoples would hate that idea just as much as I do!

This idea that we must be social to be happy isn’t fair, it penalizes those of us that never wanted to be cheerleaders, didn’t mind belonging to something but didn’t use it to define themselves. And it teaches new generations that they’re wrong for being themselves, leading to more medication to deal with these so called ’sad depression like tendencies’. We are a culture of acceptance unless that acceptance doesn’t fit the idea of the socially involved person. I may never join a cause or a march…then again I may lead one. That’s up to me and it’s okay if it’s a march of one.

I apologize now for misspelling of peoples names!
I know, it’s technically the third awards show of the season. The People’s Choice awards were…kind of dull. The same was moderately true of the Critics Choice as well. I appreciate the critics and some of the winners had great speeches (the young lady from ‘Beasts of the Southern Wilds’ anyone?) including some quips that were unexpected.

Now it’s time for the Golden Globes. I am moderately sad not to get my Gervais fix but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great funny ladies. Tina looked very va-va-voom in her initial interview with Ryan Seacrest and Amy looked classy with a touch of her classic quirk in what appeared to be capri suit pants. (If I catch designers and remember I’ll throw them in, otherwise you can find them in a hundred other articles and this is just my blog.)

Awards shows are like crack to me, I go on a bender each year for about 2 months culminating in a Vegas style wild night for the Oscars.

I started with the E! red carpet special which is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Osbourn, Guiliana something and…Darn I can never remember the baby faced guys name.

It’s now and hour and ten minutes till the beginning of the show and I’ve got my teapot of Earl Grey handy and decided to randomly blog during the show. Rather than post several mini posts I have elected to do it in one long go. I’ll try to time stamp it randomly to give some point of reference if anyone bothers to read this. I have already seen some great looks on the red carpet and I wanted to slap Guiliana. She’s a tall statuesque beauty and the dress she’s wearing is a gorgeous black formal length dress with a Grecian dress with a gold embroidered mini cape type thing with cutouts up  to her shoulders. Unfortunately she didn’t stop there and added what is a high neckline with a ruff and a large jewel.  This made her swan like carriage look awkward and mismatched.

By far the best moment of the red carpet so far was the interview with Michael J. Fox and his family.

6:04 PM CST

Emily Blunt wore a gorgeous antique lace gown but unfortunately she also sported a severe up do with dark ashy blonde locks that took away for the contours of her lovely face. Amanda Seigfried’s eyes are smoky and piercing but they can’t carry the rest of the washed out look. Givenchy’s dress is precious and flirty in a cream with gold accents. The trend toward champagne blond washes her out on top of the very minimalistic make up. Jennifer Lawrence, admittedly I don’t know her work very well having not seen The Hunger Games as uet but she came to the red carpet in Dior Haute Cotour, a vivid red strapless that reminded one of old Hollywood glamor. The edge came in the form of a copper band at her waist but did a disservice to her svelte form by adding a ruffle that stuck awkwardly forward at the neckline.

And I admit, I love me some Hugh Jackman

Naomi Watts is a pleasantly balanced look with a wine coloured gown, long sleeved and very classic on her svelte form.

Taylor Swift, poor Taylor, this adorable kid star with a woman’s body and a Lucy-esque ego (at this point she’s had more ‘boyfriends’ than Rizzo!)…Plum should be your new signature color since it sets of your skin tone with warmth and the pairing with the earbobs that could have come from your grandmother was a wonderful choice! Most women would have gone with silver or diamonds in contrast but the warmth in the antique gold drew attention to her jawline without seeming clunky.

Zooey Deschanel, popularly known as ‘adorkable’ always stuns me, playing suck quirky characters and appearing so poised and glamorous on the red carpet. A simple string of pearls sets off her decolletege perfectly without being too gimmicky.

Julianne Moore chose an abstract black and white and an elegant updo.. Eva Longoria made sure you remembered her ‘assets’ in a cheap Angelina imitation and a high slit. I meant on the gown you pervs.

I’m not a fan of Keith Urban…and not exactly of Nicole Kidman either, despite her being in a few of my favorite movies. The coppery blonde needs to be toned down for heavens sake! the added sheer at her waist is just blech.

Burberry looked what some would call matronly but I’d call it dowdy. The ndress felt very much like a large black table cloth that was wrapped around her from the front and just stapled closed behind her. I did love her high boufant though!

Dax Shepherd is usually a goof but he and his date looked radiant and put together without being ‘matching’. Holy COW! Maria Coitillard ripped Jennifer Lawrence’s dress and ran off with it….minus half the skirt which she tucked up behind her and the ruffle at the bust.

Juliana Marguellies looks heavenly in a monochromatic long pony and a beautiful sheer lace dress! For the moment she looks like she’s 25 still!

Ok I missed some ten minutes because I was putting together the ‘feast’…Blackberries, green grapes, Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar, peppered turkey, sliced tomatos and celery with a very thin veneer of buffalo blue cheese dip and a mix of black and green olives….Yum and so pretentious!

My favourite red carpet personality is Sofia Vergara in a spangled black strapless and her always glowing smile. Denzel attended with his lovely daughter. When he was talking with Ryan I couldn’t tell if his jacket didn’t fit and those were seriously rolls I saw or if he was in a poor stance that caused it to look like it fit poorly.

At a second look Lucy Lu’s got a beautiful Caroline Herrera look that on many would look silly or cheap. With her almond toned skill and simple shining locks it looked precious.

Finally, the main event! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both looked beautiful in contrasting elegant gowns. Lena Dunham is a perfect example of the ill timing of tattoo’s as it doesn’t let the lines of her dress shine the way they were meant to.  In true Globes fashion the opening greetings had jabs of blue humor that slowly evolved into more blatant jokes within moments including a joke about Anne Hatheway doing porn…And James Franco just not in the same event.

Is it just me or did Daniel Day-Lewis get even more handsome recently?

Kate Hudson was a stunning presenter for Best supporting Actor in a Motion Picture…My vote? Tommy Lee Jones. The winner? Kristoff Waltz? For Django? Huh….

Good Tarantino kudo’s though. Very classy.

Best Supporting Actress in a television …I just lost my train of thought…Uh right, in a television series, I wanted Jessica Lange. I didn’t get to see who won though, the hubby just mentioned something Hobbit related…it took precendence. I think Game Change just won for best television mini series..I thought Hatfields & McCoys was fantastic…This is why I am not part of the HFPA.

Best actress in a mini-series or tv movie? Jessica Lange was my vote and the winner turned out to be Julianne Moore for Game Change…sigh…it’s going to be their night I think.

Catherine Zeta-Jones set of her beautiful face with loose locks and a vintage gown that looked absolutely sexy and glamorous…And she intro’d the Les Miserable as a nominee for Best motion picture - Comedy or Musical and I have to admit, stylistically it is impressive.
The president of the Foreign Press was a great if somewhat stiff moment of formality and humor and her sequined tuxedo top was colorful without looking goofy.
Best Actor in a tv series-Drama. Bryan Cranston must win this one! I like the other guys but it’s his year…Damn another Homeland win though Damian Lewis does deserve some accolades. Homeland wins another Globe as the best TV series-Drama. Sigh.

I’m impressed they actually brought Tony Mendez to the stage to discuss the truth of Argo, and that he didn’t come off as polished but instead normal with some nerves.

Jennifer Lopez bores me. Life of Pi got best score. You have to believe a movie like that would need a powerful score so it doesn’t feel as cheap to me as it did last year when The Artist won so many awards for their score.

And now I’m off to do something Hobbit related.

Sorry…it’s more important!