October 2012

At any rate: I had to sort through my thoughts on this one. I am pro-choice in theory and pro-life in practice. I cannot condemn anyone for a difficult choice and I wouldn’t want anyone to condemn me. On second thought, I don’t care if they do but that’s really beside the point.

Having said that, Todd Akin stuck his foot in his mouth with the phrase ‘legitimate rape’ and everyone ignored the point of what he was saying from his political and personal standpoint. I can and will sometimes side with someone that surprises people and I am going to sort of do that now.

The human body is an amazing thing. The female one even more so. Ask any man.

So amazing that it has many possible responses and defenses to external situations including rape. While not outside the realm of possibility the adrenaline and flight or fight response would not necessarily release the usual hormones that help ‘ready’ the body for impregnation. It can still happen and if it does I can’t say I should be able to dictate what a woman does based on my own beliefs or feelings. It’s not my body, heart and soul that would go into the situation and the effects of it no matter what the decision.

I try to step out of the rhetoric and talking heads during an election year and this one is no exception. Coming from a deeply religious background I can see the bumbling paternal intention of the words even if as a man he should’ve kept his mouth out of the wombs of women across America.

Yeah I said it…

Well my dad did it again. He managed to get his head busted open last year when some drunks thought he was trying to horn in on a fight currently going on. Three out of the five of us in my family were involved in the ensuing scuffle, myself included..Almost six as Poppabear was there, he just couldn’t get to our side in time. In the end a broken pool cue, 15 stitches, on ambulance ride and a very very long night passed with no more than serious repercussions.

Oh yeah! Except for the stitches and bruises and concussion.
Since about 2009 I have cyclically spent most weekends with my dad and Dawn, drinking often too much and sometimes finding trouble. In reflection now I cringe in shame…But that got me thinking…

Why did I do it? Why does ANYONE do it knowing how much an arse they make of themselves?

I know all the usual reasons, alcohol is addicting, people don’t remember (Hey, you might not remember but trust me, someone around you is going to.) and several other excuses but I think it all relates to the adage that even bad press is still press and we all like attention.

There are a few other things I think feed into it, that some people act on things they normally wouldn’t and they find that freeing, especially since they can say it was ‘all because of the alcohol’.

Did I grow out of it? Kind of.

This is not a shameless plug…this is an explanation about how funny the world is…

For years now this blog has been included in my e-mail signature and other things but it hasn’t had new readers in a long time…or updates…until now.

There is a reason!

As anyone who knows from the previous posts there was a lot of …distractions…in my life. (There are a ton half finished posts in my drafts. More of those to come)
Then about a year ago my hero, Zeus, whom most people refer to as Adama…or Edward James Olmos….was going to be here…at a comic convention….HERE! So of course we went, taking along a friend and the kidlet. This led to two encounters with two very tall people that led to an exodus into their podcast territory comprised of a trio.

Now someone new knows about the blog *gasp*…Time to do some updates! The good news is that anyone who’s read it before will start finding new posts….