July 2006

“If you’re looking for happiness, go and live in Denmark.

It is the happiest country in the world while Burundi in Africa is the most unhappy, according to a report by a British scientist released Friday.”


Wow, it took an official study to make this news?

Danes are happier… who knew?

Thier economy is more or less stable, thanks to the intelligence of tracking and taxing certain luxeries as that hash cookie you have on friday night to start your weekend, to the prostitute your buddy plowed last night. Furthermore, Danes have gotten over social stigma’s of homosexuality, race and people who hold various religious beliefs.

Now admittedly, there are problems in the country, its not perfect but overall Danes have learned that everyones human, everyone needs creature comforts, and as long as thier not hurting someone else, then make a profit off them with taxes and let real freedom reign.

I should point out also, that pot makes a big difference. Maybe you don’t agree with me, and thats all good. When offered in localized, comfortable settings, most people would rather take a few hits of weed and sit back for an hour and unwind, eat some dinner and go home feeling relaxed and in control. They don’t feel like picking a fight, thier more likely to listen to the ‘other side of the story” and the tension of the day, or week, has been released. Your more likely to smile at the incessant questions of your child and play tag with them for a few moments as you make dinner.

Compared to the effects of Alcohol, which makes people mean, withdrawn, melancholy and vicious. People rob others for the money for alcohol, beat thier wives and children, disengage from thier family and friends, forget the heinous things they do and say, and feel like crap in the morning.

People die, driving, being hit by drunk drivers, alcohol poisoning… The list goes on.

We’re willing to make smoking cigarettes illegal, but you can still drink

We’ll send you to your death in the hot sands of the Middle East for freedoms

And we’ll book you 5-10 years for pot according to federal laws.


So poppabear and I, after a session of coital enjoyment, ended up having this conversation about the evolution of reproduction, menopause, and societal versus natural norms. This led us to the long conversation about women versus men.

Then in the dark my loving husband says ” We have got to be the most fucked up couple,… discussing things like this after sex,… ” Which got me to wondering… Are we in truth crazy? Doesn’t everyone talk about the ramifications of the Israel conflict from a detached point of view, or the driving force behind such films as Rocky Horror, while still mostly nude and exhausted from carnal pleasures?

Ok… maybe we’re crazy, we’ll never solve the worlds problems, and we’ll almost never win a Nobel Peace Prize….But we have alot of fun with it anyway

So several years ago, No Child Left Behind, was created, railroaded through, and then left to rot. Schools are forced to follow standards of improvement without increased funding, children are tested into oblivion and statistics, kindergarders are forced to understand full sentences by Christmas Break…

And today, we find, that “The Senate Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to freeze funding for popular education programs such as Head Start and grants to schools for poor children and those with special needs.”

Further more!

The panel also approved a $453 billion bill funding the Defense Department as it wrapped up its work on the 12 annual appropriations bills.

Only the defense bill is certain to come to the Senate floor soon. Most of the domestic spending bills won’t be debated until after Election Day, if at all, and are likely to get bundled into a catchall bill during a lame-duck session colored by the November results.

For its work, the panel may be rewarded with veto threats from
President Bush for spending too much money on domestic programs and for cutting the
Pentagon’s budget.

Bush proposed cuts totaling $4 billion from programs funded by the Labor-HHS and education measures and has warned of a veto over a Senate move to shift more than $11 billion from the foreign aid and Pentagon budgets to domestic agencies funded by Congress each year.

My daughter, is pressed through her school year, by third grade she must be able to write a standard 5 paragraph essay…. And the schools are over worked, underfunded and woefully stressed. This creates a delicately hostile environment and teachers who begin to resent thier roles in childrens lives…


Because Baby Bush has a score to settle with the middle East.

So it was finally pointed out to me, how lax I have been with my blog that was so generously gifted upon me.

I sat down this morning with every intention to write, then realized…. I didn’t know what to write about. I could do a diattribe on the cost of gas, the world economy, the headlong rush towards world war that we seem to be embarking on….

But everyone else has done that I’m sure.

I’m sitting here at my desk, at work, munching on sunflower seeds, debating with subject to bemoan for entertainment….And I realize… I’m bored, bored with stupid people, with fighting, with worrying. I have become the new Red Foreman

I think it’s because of my family.