So my friend ” Grunt” plays city of heroes online and chats on yahoo, and about a year ago, he met this girl “Canuck” and they chatted and such, before long they were doing alot of talking.

Apparently around Valentines, he drove, 14 hours to where she is, met her and 2 days later, married her and brought her home.

He didn’t tell any of us till after the fact.

I met her, a week or so after they returned, she seemd ok, but I was skeptical, after all, she was still sharing an apartment with her ex boyfriend who apparently was insane enough to have caused a scene at her work that ended up with her quitting her job out of embarrassement.

I was wildly skeptical to be honest, she sounded a bit unstable with all the baggage from the ex boyfriend and such. And when I didn’t hear anything from my friend for the next 6 months, my skepticism grew.

Now Grunt, he’s my best buddy, when i had my little one he’d sit with me while i breast fed and chat, like nothing was happening, he’d come over and watch wrestling with me, all kinds of buddy stuff.

He even escorted me and baby bear around once when poppa bear had to work on Halloween and we lived in an iffy neighborhood.

So, yeah, I was looking for the flaw, the insanity, and for him to have his heart broke, it sounded like she was using him to shield her from the Ex and as soon as she could she’d probably go her own way.

6 months have passed, and he called me the other night, just to say hi, to chat, to see if we wanted some company one night this week. During the call, he had to hit the head so he put canuck on the phone.

We talked….
Not the completely fake, silence ridden talking, she actually talked, about the stuff they were doing to the house, painting and such, about some of her hobbies and how they were going, …. about life in general.

So they came over on Thursday to hang out, and Grunt and the hubby sat to one side of the room and talked about playstation games, and Canuck got out her photo albums and started showing them to me.

She’s even got the first chat her and grunt had online, printed and saved, the notes she leaves him before he goes to work including little grocery lists on the bottom,…..

Her and I sat on the couch and shared, friend to friend, wife to wife,… We had coffee, and tea and talked,

When she left, I looked over at my husband and said ” I’m not supposed to like her!”

But I do.

So, Canuck darling, here’s my toast to you.

Be proud for having changed this old sow’s mind about you,
Be proud for making my friend as happy as he is

And thank you for loving him.

Momma Bear