At any rate: I had to sort through my thoughts on this one. I am pro-choice in theory and pro-life in practice. I cannot condemn anyone for a difficult choice and I wouldn’t want anyone to condemn me. On second thought, I don’t care if they do but that’s really beside the point.

Having said that, Todd Akin stuck his foot in his mouth with the phrase ‘legitimate rape’ and everyone ignored the point of what he was saying from his political and personal standpoint. I can and will sometimes side with someone that surprises people and I am going to sort of do that now.

The human body is an amazing thing. The female one even more so. Ask any man.

So amazing that it has many possible responses and defenses to external situations including rape. While not outside the realm of possibility the adrenaline and flight or fight response would not necessarily release the usual hormones that help ‘ready’ the body for impregnation. It can still happen and if it does I can’t say I should be able to dictate what a woman does based on my own beliefs or feelings. It’s not my body, heart and soul that would go into the situation and the effects of it no matter what the decision.

I try to step out of the rhetoric and talking heads during an election year and this one is no exception. Coming from a deeply religious background I can see the bumbling paternal intention of the words even if as a man he should’ve kept his mouth out of the wombs of women across America.

Yeah I said it…

So several years ago, No Child Left Behind, was created, railroaded through, and then left to rot. Schools are forced to follow standards of improvement without increased funding, children are tested into oblivion and statistics, kindergarders are forced to understand full sentences by Christmas Break…

And today, we find, that “The Senate Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to freeze funding for popular education programs such as Head Start and grants to schools for poor children and those with special needs.”

Further more!

The panel also approved a $453 billion bill funding the Defense Department as it wrapped up its work on the 12 annual appropriations bills.

Only the defense bill is certain to come to the Senate floor soon. Most of the domestic spending bills won’t be debated until after Election Day, if at all, and are likely to get bundled into a catchall bill during a lame-duck session colored by the November results.

For its work, the panel may be rewarded with veto threats from
President Bush for spending too much money on domestic programs and for cutting the
Pentagon’s budget.

Bush proposed cuts totaling $4 billion from programs funded by the Labor-HHS and education measures and has warned of a veto over a Senate move to shift more than $11 billion from the foreign aid and Pentagon budgets to domestic agencies funded by Congress each year.

My daughter, is pressed through her school year, by third grade she must be able to write a standard 5 paragraph essay…. And the schools are over worked, underfunded and woefully stressed. This creates a delicately hostile environment and teachers who begin to resent thier roles in childrens lives…


Because Baby Bush has a score to settle with the middle East.

I’m supposedly a liberal, a middle of the line one, but a liberal.

I don’t think abortion should be outlawed, ( though I have some restrictions in mind) I just couldn’t do it myself.

And while I don’t believe John Roberts is our best choice to replace the often outspoken, sometimes too forceful, Sandra Day O’Conner, I do have a sympathy with him over one thing.

Adoption Records

Adoption, Ideally, is the way for a person to say, I created this life, but I am unable, or unwilling to see to it’s raising. Rather than kill it, let me perhaps find it a home. My mother was an adoptee, as was my husbands grandfather. Maybe I have a personal interest in this.

Roberts and his wife, for whatever reason, never concieved on thier own, so instead, they decided to pool thier wealth for a good cause and rescue a child or two, that had been left in the hands of an orginization.

Adoptions come in a few different catagories.
Abandonment, where the origin of the parents are completely unknown.
State funded. This became popular during the world wars, since soldiers made promises they were often unable to keep.
And Private, where a woman chooses they parents and they make up a legal contract, lining out thier choices, wishes and decisions.

My mother was state funded, her mother was in love with a soldier who promised to return, we don’t know if he was killed, or chose not too, we don’t even know thier names.

Usually in an adoption, the birth parent(s) can decide if they want to be anonymous and never contacted, in this case, the medical records are kept, but no other identifying information. ( Though that trend began later in the adoption history) but generally, adoption records are kept completely sealed until litigation of the last 20yrs or so began to worm it’s way into things.

Some adoptions are done with open knowledge between the adoptive and birth parents, but contact is forbidden, and some are even open to the point of shared contact with the children.

All of these are extremely personal decisions.

Now a news paper wants to dig through these records, maybe they intend to find the birth parents, hoping they’re all strung out on drugs or something and get them to say all puppetlike, how the Roberts family bulied them, lied to them, stole thier children with fancy worded legal documents….. Perhaps that’s the case… but I somehow doubt it.

If this were the case, I don’t think an american politician would be stupid enough to leave this hole wide open for attack.

More than likely, the parent(s) of the children, had some very tough, heart breaking decisions to make, as a parent, the idea of giving up my child brings me to tears just sitting here, but then, I’ve been fortunate to be able to struggle onwards with Poppa and make a good life for her, I’ve never had to face her going hungry, or homeless, I’ve never had to see that kind of sacrifice as my only option for her well being. ( Though I’ve considered selling her to the gypsies a few times during which she’s done everything to convince me I’d be saner for having done so) I’ve never known the loss, even figuratively of my only born. So saying that, I cannot imagine the strength, the courage, and the love it would take to do such a thing and keep on living, to go on to create a life for myself, perhaps a new family, even if I knew my child had been given a golden opprotunity in a life I could never have given her.

While Roberts himself shall be crucified on the cross of public opinion, his children and they’re shadowy parents do not deserve the same.

Imagine, intellectually knowing mom and dad were not the ones who’d given birth to you, but being able to catalog that knowledge as impersonally as you would knowing that you had brown hair ( outside of my rant about men and norms) It’s just a fact, but not an important one, because mom and dad were the ones who kissed you goodnight, who spent long hours beside your bedside while you puked when you had the flu, who faced the angry teacher after you started a foodfight in the cafeteria.

And then, late in your life, suddenly, across the news, your ‘real’ parents faces flash.

How do you feel? Does your stomach tighten in a childlike fear that these people are going to take you away? Do you, in the back of your mind, wonder what they’re like? Do you feel anger at they’re abandonment of you, something perhaps you’d never have thought of before now?


Does the media have the right to do this to your personal life? your mental well being?

The New York Times thinks it does.

And as for the parents of these children, those sacrificing people who gave thier children to a better opprotunity than they could have provided.

Do you feel like fugitives to be questioned over some crime? Do you feel elation perhaps at being recognized?

Chances are, knowing American Media and politics, you feel the former.

Of course I could be wrong, perhaps your the bad type of parent, the one who would love the glory, gory and money you’ll be paid for interviews.

Then again, if that’s the case, you didn’t deserve the little darlings anyhow, imagine the kind of kids they’d be if you were in charge.

Truthfully though I don’t know the parents, either side of them, maybe the Roberts aren’t lilly white in thier adoption dealings, maybe the birth parents were bullied into giving up thier children,… if so though, don’t you think by now something would have come to light? And do you really want a local liberal rag being able to go that far into your private history, just to sell a few more copies? As one blogger pointed out :

New York Times Investigates Adoption Records of John Roberts Children
Posted by Steve Verdon at 13:36

Well it looks like the New York Times is taking its cues from the Daily Kos. Drudge is reporting that the New York Times is investigating the adoption records of John Roberts. I have to pause and wonder…did the New York Times do any investigation into Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg children? Or what about Justice Stephen G. Breyer? If this really is “routine” as the New York Times suggests then the answer must be yes. Does anybody know if this was the case? If the answer is no, I can’t help but think that politics is playing a role here.

Well said.

So here’s my next rant,….

Remember when I stated me and Poppa Bear’s income? A whopping 2700 a month, if we’re lucky and get the hours, that’s before taxes,

Supposedly, this comes out to 32000 a year, before taxes,….

Trust me… it doesn’t come that way on the paycheck

So Matt Blunt, Missouri’s excellent right wing prick governor, looks to cut the budget, a well and right aim for a politician, but he raises his pay, and all the other fat fuck politicians in our state government, yet again,…

So where does he cut? What unnecessary baggage gets removed from the budget? What frivolity does he ferociously attack to achieve his goal?

State Health Insurance.

Poppa and I don’t have health insurance, we can’t afford it through our work and have a hard time finding a plan that we can. But we striven hard to put our child into insurance one way or another and finally had to use state insurance to keep her going.

Thanks to Blunt’s bright idea of Missouri Senate Bill 539, we’re no longer eligible for medicaid without paying nearly 100 dollars, a month.

Now, I can deal with not having my own health insurance,… I’m a big girl, I know when I’m actually sick or not


This stupid fat cat now has my daughters health in a bottle that he’s tossed into the flames,…. Poof,… there it goes and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even if we tried to pay the fees, they’re tacking on co-pays and other fee’s now,… Why? Because minimum wage is low, prices are high and our society has gone to hell,… and those who don’t indebt themselves, who don’t walk around with thier hands out, those who actually work and try and raise a family,…. we’re out of luck.

So thanks a lot Matt Blunt, when it comes time for my daughters next round of allergy meds, I’ll tell the doc to mail your ass the bill you stupid son of a bitch who deserves a fucking impeachment for the hell your putting us through, you right wing conservative bush ball sucking sack of shit.