I had avoided discussing this topic until this morning when Baby Bear happened to be in the living room as the news mentioned the man-hunt for the mother and her 13 year old son who were now on the run.

The crux is this.  The son has Hodgkins Lymphoma, a disease generally considered curable so long as it’s caught early and treated.  Roughly a year ago if the time lines in the stories are right, this boy underwent a single treatment of chemotherapy and saw an improvement in his health and shrinkage of the tumor.

It is at this point that the story gets murky.  The mother, who now tells the judges she ‘always’ uses natural remedies, stops chemotherapy after that treatment.  You see they are catholic by faith, but followers of  an offshoot of supposedly native american shaman/medicine men who use all natural diet supplements, and ionized water to heal diseases (Show me Geronimo’s or Sitting Bulls Ionized water treatment facility).

I’m not against natural remedies.  I’m a firm believer in honey and lemon in your tea, fennel and ginger helping your digestive tract and many other pallative, preventive, and complimentary aids.

The judge was fair and impartial, he subjected the parents to take the boy to an oncologist, be re-evaluated and report the findings to the court.  It had been roughly a year since the first chemo treatment and since then the boy had been using natural remedies.  During the initial hearing the mother insisted her son understood his disease, and all the implications, as well as being a medicine man within the native americans.


I’m not stupid people.  Native Americans had rites of passage and training before one could become a medicine man and a thirteen year old boy doesn’t qualify.  Let me also point out that this boy ‘who fully understands the medical situation and has made this decision himself’ has a severe learning disability and cannot at this time read and is home schooled, and noone is sure of his actual level of intelligence and understanding.

The results came back to show that the tumor had increased in size and the over-all prognosis was poor.   He once again was experiencing pain and difficulty breathing on the side of the chest where his tumor was.  Unfortunately, the hearing that these results were revealed, was missing two important members of the defence.  The mother and her son.

I am a firm believer in faith, in belief, in healing, and in unconditional love.  But not in stupidity.  There is a point that to me as a human, as a parent, I have to believe that whatever deity you choose, has chosen to grant us the scientific ability to create cures for such things for a reason.  Prayer is prayer but just because you pray for the rent money to appear in front of your feet doesn’t mean it’s going to happen,…it means you pray for the way to be shown and then take that phone call, open that e-mail, fill out that resume or application…that nets you the job.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a meal, teach a man to fish and you teach him to feed himself and his family for life.

Beyond that, there are many people claiming that the judge is trodding on this woman’s religion.  Her professed RELIGION is Catholic.  The judge is not ruling on religion or belief or faith.  He is ruling that the adult guardian of a 13 year old boy, has chosen to completely go against impartial scientific evidence to improve and prolong the health of this boy as well as his life, for unregulated and unproven treatements that are at this time currently strongly warned against by the FDA as unproven. 

I am sorry but the mother is being irresponsible in not only choosing to forgo medical treatment, and I think this involving any parent/child relationship where the parents are damaging the health of the child, but also by flouting the ‘law of the land’ in such a dangerous method.



It’s that time of year again, the time when snow flakes are made from paper, christmas music is piped in through the speakers at the local stop and shop. And the war on Christmas begins, this year it caught my eye when a Jewish Rabbi, in Seattle, decided to appeal that a menorah be placed visibly at the airport, just like the christmas trees were being displayed. the Port Authority however, over reacted and yanked the Christmas trees from sight, prompting a backlash ‘from people of all faiths’ to quote a source in the news story.

As a pagan, and a moderate, and a hermit, I find this intriguing. You see the Christmas tree itself does not belong to the Christians, pine tree’s certainly didn’t exist in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. The star at the top of the tree is perhaps an ode to the Christians, and the lights upon it reach to the jews, the use of pinecones, and popcorn garland speak to the pagans and earthy religions. So in truth, you could say that the tree already encompasses a majority of major religions if those who were so concerned about it would quit being so self centered and see the tree as a whole.

It’s a short post, I know, deal with it